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BUSINESS Services_


Dolo Technology Services is your one-stop-shop for all your tech consulting related needs. Your main concern should be managing business.  Let us worry about handling the technology. Here's a few of our services, but every situation is unique, we tailor and right-size our service to fit your business.

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IT Management _

We can research and develop strategies for managing your on-premises or cloud resource, make them run properly, and keep them safe and secure.

Cyber Security _

Spam, viruses, attacks, spyware…we worry about all those things so you don’t have to.

Support _

Whenever possible we use our custom remote control applications to assist you as if we’re at your desk.

Storage Solutions _

We have some of the most secure storage solutions in the industry.  We can prevent your most critical data from infection, defacing, and ransoming.

Backup & Data Recovery _

We can backup everything offsite so you are protected even if something happens to your machines, office, home, etc. We can even keep you protected while you’re on the road.

Voice Over IP _

Let us help you navigate the possibilities and keep you in step with all the ways you can be reached…all while saving as much as possible.


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