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About Us _


We have a staff of proven technology professionals who have been stress-tested in some of the most competitive world class companies in the corporate arena. We bring all of those life lessons of what to do and what not to do to your business environment.

We employ an ideology of honestly and efficiency that is designed to work for you and ourselves to maximum benefit. We strive to prevent problems where possible and to shorten the solution time when problems do unfortunately occur.

We want to take all of your technology concerns onto our shoulders and help you to get back to what you got into business for in the first place. If you wanted to do information technology, well, you would be working on our team. Let us help your business be the best it can be. When you win, we win.

Why DOLO IS Different _
Babysitting is an hourly gig, information technology is not

It’s almost impossible to reach a fair equilibrium when trying to valuate IT work using time and materials. If your IT Dept is really doing a great job they are virtually invisible. If they are scurrying around all day, they are either inefficient, incompetent, or putting on a show for some micromanager. The same goes for consulting. An hourly rate will only ensure that your consultant never quite fixes or finishes anything in order to generate more hours. Dolo uses a fixed rate model. This way you can predict your budgets, we can predict our income and the incentive for the highest level of efficiency is built in. It just doesn’t pay to waste time or work incompletely. Everyone wins.

Firemen are great but who wants to be on fire?

A potential client once said to us “we really just need someone to put out fires”. Now take a step back and put it into the context of actual fire…what’s better: letting things burn a bit, spraying water to douse the flames, then cleaning up the damage... or building a house of bricks? Yeah we think so too. Via proper planning, redundancy, and defensive measures our goal to fireproof all of our clients.

People tend to screw up a good plan

We try to let you do what you do best…manage your business. We’ll manage the technology. Whenever possible we automate the mundane, backups, filtering, security, etc.

Information Technology is a team sport

Our team has varied skills and over 50 years of collective experience. While one really good IT person can probably give you everything you need: skills, performance, accountability, and intimate knowledge of little things about your enterprise…But what happens when that person isn't there?  Dolo is an entire team of people that can do exactly all of those things, costs less, and never takes a vacation.  It's like a tech support insurance policy.

No one likes tech support

Ironically, we don’t either, but hey, someone's gotta do it...that is until they don't have to. Our goal is to prevent the need for tech support. It’s a lofty goal but it allows us to justify taking the “teach a man to fish” approach to a lot of our support situations. While we’re glad to just give answers, we know you really don’t want to call us for help, so if we can help answer some questions permanently we will. Easy questions are great but the hard ones are what you pay for.

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